MyUsage 1.1.1

It was fast; MyUsage tool has been updated to version 1.1.1. This minor update addresses some issues with the network monitoring indicator. Altogether with all the fixes and improvements you will get also a revamped user interface for the Advanced settings dialog. The number of interfaces shown has been reduced for your convenience by grouping… Read More »

MyUsage 1.1

MyUsage project has been updated to version 1.1 which is available for downloading from just below. It brings a refreshment on the User Interface and fixes the AV bug when starting the application on newer OS with selected network interface. The new version also provides a new feature – the option to combine all CPU-s… Read More »

Disk Activity Indicator 1.1

The recently announced Disk Activity (aka DI) application has been updated bringing two new key features: LED Emulator mode – it flickers the tray icon whenever there is disk activity, just like any hard disk hardware LED indicators in many computer cases; Configure dialog – from where you could load new icons theme, and choose the LED… Read More »

Yubikey Tools

Yet another project release, the Yubikey Tools set has been updated with a new version 1.2 of Yubikey AutoLock. The update puts on the table some new additions and the Stealth Mode option, and convenient navigation buttons. The last validated device is being remembered and identification phase is omitted in case the device is re-used, and Deactivating… Read More »

FFT-z 3.2

Processor Stress Test application (aka FFT-z) has been updated with support for Intel IvyBridge and Haswell processors. It also brings some bug-fixes (most serious one – the detection of correct multiplier for some most recent Intel CPU-s) and some improvements: Filtering DB to show only personal records works  only after at least one record has been submitted;… Read More »